Sukuma Museum

Bujora Cultural Centre – Kisesa, Mwanza, Tanzania.

Warsha ya Utamaduni

Bujora-IMG_2683In january 2017 Bujora Sukuma Museum, together with danish Utamaduni Dance Troupe, will be arranging a workshop in traditional Sukuma culture.

The workshop is called “Warsha ya utamaduni” and is following a tradition started back in 1993 by Bujora and Utamaduni Dance, initiated by late Pascali Busheni (former director at Bujora).

In january 2016 the WARSHA consept was revoken after several years. And it was a great succes!

Therefore we will be doing it again next year 2017!

Warsha 2017 from the 3. January – 10. January 2017 at Bujora Cultural Centre