Ceremony at Moesgaard museum, Aarhus Denmark

Back in 1973 a group of cultural ambassadors fra Bujora, was visiting Denmark, sponsored by K.H.Skott and his organisation “Ulandsfonden af 1962”. During the visit they made a traditional sukuma ceremoni at Moesgaard Museum near Aarhus.

This year, the 4 guests from Bujora, together with Sukumas living in Denmark, make a ceremony as a part of the exsibition “The living deads”.
In the weekend 22 & 23 august 2015 there will be made a set of traditional “forefather houses” (misumva) at the musuems premecies.

You can download a PDF with more information in danish HERE.

Pictures from 1973 courtesy of photographer Jesper Kirknæs: