Warsha 1993 – historical pictures

Warsha Ya Utamaduni Bujora 1993

This was the first ever Culture-workshop arranged by Bujora and danish Utamaduni group on an initiative from the late Mr. Pascali Busheni (leader at Bujora at the time)
Warsha workshops ran for 4 times in the mid 90es, until rewoken in the mid 2010es… So in 2016, and again in 2017 there were succesfull workshops in traditional Sukuma Culture held at Bujora.

Enjoy theese selected pictures from 1993, taken by Mads “Mchele gwa Njingi” Bischoff from Danish Utamaduni Dance Troupe.
Amongst pictures from Bujora (from the time that the great snakedancer Salu Kadelya a.o. was still around), you will also see pictures from the visit to the Wanalyaku’s compound,at the time the old Mzee Lyaku was still alive (as well as his oldest son Mabula);