TTB presentation of Bujora

In late 2014 Bujora Cultura Centre had visitors from Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), as they wanted to promote Bujora and the tourism in the lake region. See below a 5 minute video showing and telling the history of Bujora, and shows examples from shindano in Ngogo.

TTB’s own desription/introduction to the video:
The Bujora Cultural Centre and Sukuma Museum in Kisesa, are historical institutions founded for the education and support of Sukuma culture. The arts of the Sukuma culture are among the richest in East Africa. As the Sukuma people are the largest cultural group in Tanzania, the Sukuma culture is dispersed throughout the country. The heart of Usukuma is in the Lake Zone of Mwanza, Shinyanga and the Mara regions where the legacy of a rich art tradition is now maintained.